I am a Reader as much as a Writer

I have read three books in the last few weeks. I have grown to like a writer, she is new to me. I came across the first book of this 9 book series as a free download with my kindle paperwhite. I enjoyed it so much that I did purchase the rest of the series. So I am going to tell you what I think of the two books that I read and then each book as I finish them.

One Last Risk. My freebie. We all want that hero in our lives, we all want that comfort. That is what you are going to get with one last risk. We have our hero, that needs to be saved and our broken hearted trying to start over. But when the broken hearted’s past collides with her new beginning, and the hero that needs to be saved is finding his way, colliding with the broken hearted, well things heat up. In this book you learn how to over come things, and how it’s okay not to be okay. This is a love story you will connect with and cheer for!

Oh, One Last Dance. So this is book 2 of the Family Ties Series. Before I tell you what I think about this book, I would like to tell you just how well Nancy Stopper did with the characters. She was able to bring the first book into this second one, allowing a certain conflict that was brought to life in the first book continue seamlessly into the second. She was able to have characters from the first book pop up nicely in the second one without making them cast a shadow over the new main characters.

SOOO this book. I could not put this one down either. I wanted to know why a certain character was distant to the idea of a small town. I wanted them to figure it all out. At one point I wanted to reach through my screen and knock out a character. She had me in my feels with this book. I laughed out loud and I even shed a tear. I even blushed a few times. The characters in this book, each character, have a deep past and they beat the odds. What past? Odds? Well start reading and you will see.

Book 3 of 9

Another great book by Nancy Stopper. I just love love how she brought all three books together and how if you did not read the first two (which you should!) she gives you a quick glimpse of the previous characters from the previous books. She does well flowing them together and the story behind the books, describing and giving you a complete picture of what you are reading. You truly escape into the book and can’t wait to see what is about to happen next. I am very excited to read the next brother’s story and where and how things turn out. I hope she touches base on Rachels story some more with the truth she dug up. I can not wait to dig into book 4!

Book 4 of 9

I am really enjoying this Oak Grove series, I have started with book one being a freebie off kindle and have been hooked ever since. I love each story told and how each book is connected thus far. I highly suggest you read each book one after the other and not skip, trust me, you will want to.

As much as I enjoyed each character from each book, this one was not one of my favorites. Please, do not get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it took me a few chapters in to really get to the point of not wanting to put it down. I honestly could not connect with the newest character right away.

I look forward to the next book, 5!

Book 5 of 9

Okay, just as fast as I put up the last review, I finished the next book. One Last Gift is a quick read but an awesome read. I felt there could have been a little bit more details but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the reconnection. I enjoyed the love story and how she hit senstive situation tastefully. I was up until past midnight because I could not put it down. This book is not about the Bennetts like the previous four, but it does bring them in nicely, as a guest apperence.

If you ever left home, leaving someone you truly love, your soul mate and wondered what would happen if you stopped running from your past and returned, then you would enjoy this book, hands down.

While you await my second book, I invite you to dive into Nancy Stopper’s books. The connections she makes and how each book ties in with the next book has you wanting more and something I hope to accomplish in my future.

You will notice, I will not give to much detail when I decided to tell you about a book that I have read. I will give a little glimpse. To much detail, will give to much away about the book.


Stay tuned! Maryann’s adventure maybe over but doesn’t mean Tabitha’s isn’t. Book 2 to once a widow is in progress!

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Just a girl from South Jersey (New Jersey, USA), a child of God, mother and wife. Full time hairstylist from Somers Point, NJ. Love to write, just to escape the reality of today's world.

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