Book 2!

Hey everyone!!!! So I would like to share as I head into Chapter 4!!! All typed Times New Roman, 11 font! The title and introduction will be released once it’s complete and the copy right is finalized. I will give you a inside, this one is based off of Tabitha! How and why she came into town!! Sometimes you truly don’t know a person until the past comes to light!

When your sister gets to read a sneak peak
and posts on your wall about it! 🥰🥰🥰
I can’t wait to finish and get this book out to all of you!

Book 2 Update

So I printed out what I had finished thus far, up to and in Chapter 8. I am creating that slope to the tense sitution that is coming. This book has by far challenged me in my writting so far and that to me is a good thing.

What do I do with the printed portion? I edit of course. I find my own mistakes and make sure the book is flowing nice and smooth. Make sure there is no out of character mistakes, which does happen when you pick up after months of a writers block.

Currently we are in Chapter 8, using Time New Roman font at size 11 and no spacing. I stand at page 81 with 50,737 words. I project this book to be at least 12 chapters maybe 13 or more. We shall see.

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