Chapter 7! Book 2!

Let me just say. Chapter 7 was a tough one to write. I didn’t want things to come to light yet, I wanted to start to build up to the big BOOM moment. But just now, I finished it. I finished Chapter 7 with a gut turning, holding your breath moment. You are angry, you are in shock, some may need a tissue or two…but just wait, Chapter 8 will give you that are you kidding me factor!

This second book, will have you more on the edge of your seat than the first one. This book will have you going… wtf are you kidding me? moments to awww that’s sweet.

I found my mojo! I am a typing machine! Praying this one will get picked up by an actual publishing company…. or it will be a while before I can afford to self publish. I will type and type and type because it’s something I like to do and love doing it.

Published by Maranda Ballard, Author

Just a girl from South Jersey (New Jersey, USA), a child of God, mother and wife. Full time hairstylist from Somers Point, NJ. Love to write, just to escape the reality of today's world.

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