Hello End of Summer

Have you often wonder, where has the time gone? In a blink the day is now night. I often think, what did I do with my summer? What adventures have I done? Not much this summer, but I have made the best of it. My daughter had summer camp with her school for four weeks where she got to go minature golf, the academy of natural science in Phildelphia, Cape May Zoo-where she did not go into the school but did the tree top adventure, zipline and awalking on things in the air, and of course the last trip was to the Camden Aquarium! My son did a lot of hanging out with his friends. Both kids go to enjoy a very nice trip with thier grandparents in Wellsboro, Pa. My husband and I got to have a date night with all you can eat Snow Crab legs, and lets just say, it is thanks to my daughter, before her I could not stand any kind of seafood and when I was pregnant with her, that is what I craved the most! Crab legs and shrimp! Till this day, she is 9, she will eat crab, shrimp and more! We had our small camping trip and now gearing up to head to the Poconos with my amazing church to camp! So what have you done this summer?

I can say I am super excited for Fall! Fall is my favorite season! I love the crisp mornings and cool evenings. The smells! The tastes! The sitting around the fire with hot coco. Everything about fall. One downside to fall, is it does get darker to soon. If I could have the fall temps with the summer hours, it would truly be perfect!

Published by Maranda Ballard, Author

Just a girl from South Jersey (New Jersey, USA), a child of God, mother and wife. Full time hairstylist from Somers Point, NJ. Love to write, just to escape the reality of today's world.

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