Happy New Year 2022

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Here we are. Another Year in to our chapter of life. It is totally up to you how you set the tone for the year. Will you set it with a resolution that you set every year because each year it does not happen? Instead why try a new one? Lets be real here, majority, I myself included, never keep to their resolution. So why set one? Because we have hopes to keep it, we have dreams to keep it, we at first have determination to do it. But like life does, things jump in the way. Something causes a road block and we end up staying on that side of the block instead of pushing through the barricade and coming on top.

So instead of a resolution, I have set goals.

First goal would to finish book two with in the first half of the year, then submit it to more then one publisher, see where we go, hopefully get picked up instead of going through self publishing. Lets face it, self publishing is great for authors like myself, a nobody in the book world, something just starting off, but I would truly like to get picked up by a non-self publisher, one that will put both books on the book shelf.

The most important, and I mean the top dog, most important, this year I am deteremined to let go and let God direct me, the down the path he has chosen me to go to. To read his word more and to learn from him. To listen. Even if I don’t agree or understand, simply listen.

Another goal I have set is to be more active here, on this page, on my Facebook page and my Instagram. I am still learning how to do this site, wordpress, so that is why you will see a “post” pop up if you set up to follow me and see the same post under my blogs tab. I have tried to get the post tab to stay up but it does not and from a readers point of view, I cannot find the posts other then clicking on the link when I am notified I posted something. So I am trying to keep it simple for you.

I am truly grateful for everyone’s support and push in 2021 and continued push into the New Year. It is because of you all, asking when the second book is coming, that you loved the first one, that has my fingers typing away, my brain going. THANK YOU!


Published by Maranda Ballard, Author

Just a girl from South Jersey (New Jersey, USA), a child of God, mother and wife. Full time hairstylist from Somers Point, NJ. Love to write, just to escape the reality of today's world.

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