Often we wonder

Often times we wonder, is our hard work being noticed? Will it eventually pay off? I would like to hope it does. I would like to hope if it is going un-noticed that one day that right person will see it, notice it, and help push it to shine.

I will honestly tell you, it is tough juggling life, working a full time job, maintaining a small adventure, kids, writing, marketing and maintaining both a page and website, but I know in the end it will be all worth it, the day that my book is noticed. I am showing my daughter to never give up on your dream, never give up when it seems to get too hard, to push, to pray. To trust.

I am just an every day average person with little to any knowledge about marketing, blogging, maintaining a page or webpage, but I am doing it. It may not have followers just yet, it may not be the best but I am doing it and I am proud of me for doing it. I will get it, and one day look back at how I persevered through it all. With God’s help that day will come too.

So until that day comes, I will be here, making those little mistakes, pushing the book, pushing myself to be better then yesterday, pushing myself to be the person I know that I can be, the person God wants me to be.

I thank-you so very much for your continued support and following.

Published by Maranda Ballard, Author

Just a girl from South Jersey (New Jersey, USA), a child of God, mother and wife. Full time hairstylist from Somers Point, NJ. Love to write, just to escape the reality of today's world.

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